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Sydney’s Premium Craft Beer Destination

Our Story​

Founded in 2014 by Aaron Edwards and Jay Pollard, Bitter Phew has quickly ascended to the ranks of Australia’s elite craft beer destinations. Located in Darlinghurst, Sydney, we’re celebrated for our extensive selection of both Australian and international beers, aiming to offer a unique and diverse drinking experience.

Our dedication to bringing our patrons the most interesting and hard-to-find brews is matched only by our commitment to creating a warm, welcoming environment. The minimalist yet inviting design of our venue, complemented by an outdoor terrace, offers a peaceful retreat from the busy Oxford Street below. It’s the perfect extension of your lounge room setting for guests to delve into our extensive offerings of beers and wines.

In addition to being a hub for beer enthusiasts, Bitter Phew is also a venue that champions and promotes local wine producers specialising in natural wine. Our wine list is thoughtfully compiled, featuring standout selections from Australia and around the globe. We aim to cultivate a space where beer and wine can be appreciated by all, ensuring a diverse and inclusive experience for every visitor.

Founder Aaron Edwards manages operations at Bitter Phew. His journey into unique beer and wine venues began with a lucky snowboarding trip to Japan over a decade ago. This adventure led him to Niseko, where he lived, built, and designed bars for three years. Today, Aaron’s drive for creativity shapes our ever-evolving beer list and special events, highlighting the latest in beer culture alongside local and international brewers.

Check out a unique perspective on our decade-long adventure here.

Our Accolades


Australia’s Best Beer Venue

Australia Liquor Industry Awards


Australia’s Top Beer Venue

Beer & Brewer Magazine


Best Sydney Beer Bar

Sydney Beer Week Festival

Best Sydney Beer Bar

Our Specialties

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